Just thinking alone the staggering credit card interest rate given by various card companies to their clients: feels like a huge boulder fasten at your back. A minimum of 45% percent or more per annum of total interest rate is subjected to each patron compared to usual Bank interest rate of an average 12% per year– shockingly wide difference indeed.

Sadly majority of consumers still haven’t learned the lesson. Most of us still drawn towards credit card without single hint of financial labyrinth of disaster that awaits them. Ignorance on true purpose and proper usage of this card should be replaced with absolute responsibility and knowledgeable individual on how to utilize this.

I am not against credit card companies. This writer is fully aware on how important and essential it is on our modern days…obviously it makes our transaction quick and easy.

Below represents (through infographic) some easy steps to pay you off or make some dent on your debt.

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“Before you can become a millionaire, you must learn to think like one. You must learn how to motivate yourself to counter fear with courage. Making critical decisions about your career, business, investments and other resources conjures up fear, fear that is part of the process of becoming a financial success.”

Thomas J. Stanley

Let’s admit the fact that we all want to be rich. We love to emulate those rich and famous people that we seen on T.V. Ordinary guy like us often ask ourselves if it is a freak of nature, or is it on their genes and others will assume if it is pure luck that they achieved that status.

Fortunately there still some hope. We are in modern world, it’s easy to amass money now (legal…and yes illegal ways too), than during those industrial era where you need a huge amount of capital and hard work to build your business empire.

Compare to this modern era, we can see a lot of opportunities all around us. All we have to do is to focus our energy to our desired ambition. Again, the big question is… how to be a millionaire for us guys and gals out there?

Following ways in any order if you want to level-up with those big guys:

1. Winning a lottery

– The chance of winning is one in a million. It’s highly possible that you will hit by lightning twice or hit by train than winning this game of chance.

Unfortunately lot of people still does gamble on lotto ticket despite   less chance of winning. There still waiting for this so-called “luck”.

I myself do accept to bet on lottery. Seldom have I passed lotto outlet to buy one to two tickets. A little addiction that I cannot explain but fortunately I can control it.

2. Illegal Drug Trade

-It is an unlawful activity but lot of people would dive into. It’s as if no matter how hard they avoid on it but still drawn with drugs. A very lucrative business, easy to earn bucks for few days and if you’re certified “drug lord”, a million dollar a month is just a cents.

There is always negative side of this sinister activity. If you happen by chance apprehended by authority (I’m sure you will), do expect to receive stiff penalty such as life sentence and most serious punishment of all- there’s death penalty.

I vehemently opposed to everyone not to follow this method because it affect our moral values. Well as of current statistics, millions of people all over the world are still hook into it.

3. Be a famous Showbiz Stars or Athlete

To all who have hidden talents out there, show it to the world and give them the best that you’ve got. It would be so promising if you work and train on your gift consistently at early years so you will become an expert in your craft when time comes.

If you are really determined, then you are not far from becoming the future Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods or how about the next Taylor Swift and or Lady Gaga…it’s up to you.

FYI… if you happen to become a famous artist that you want to be, expect that your talent fee or salary would be millions of dollars from just a single game, concert or T.V episode…not bad huh.

4. Acquire Inheritance

You are one of the luckiest guys if you inherit tremendous assets from your family or distant relatives. Mostly this lucky recipient comes from traditional elite family whose forefathers work hard to build their own business empire and became what they are now.

Not all receivers from this inheritance belong to affluent group or have Royal blood lines. Even an ordinary guy could inherit this wealth. It all depends on the Last Will and Testament of dying person.

5. Climb the Corporate Ladder

It takes a considerable amount of persistence and drudgery to achieve this feat. Most of these hardworking ones start at bottom, working on some menial task such as janitor or messenger. They give love on their work, soon the boss notices them and as a result they promoted one step higher. Laziness has no room in corporate world.

This individual who has strong desire and ambition to reach the top of pyramid must face rigid competition on other rivals, he or she must adapt a different attitude of his peer groups and accustomed him further on their horrible bosses.

These are what it takes to become a President of the company or perhaps an Executive.

6. Become a Computer Whiz

This method I believe is one of the easiest ways to accumulate more money in just a click of button. Our modern world rely so much on computer utilizing in doing banking, commerce, investment and other transaction that you could imagine.

Every second, millions or billions of dollars are wire transferred toward its destination from every corner of continent.

So how do we grab this huge slice of opportunity? — Easy to say but it takes discipline to achieve it. You can build your own website or make unique Apps or programs intended to make daily life of people more convenient. Big names like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Bill Gates of Microsoft Word succeed on their own niche.

Think hard, be smart, try something new, invent, innovate and tweak some existing technology. Remember… no pain no gain.

7. Build Business Empire

People like President Donald Trump the owner Trump Hotel, Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Mr. Henry Sy, a Filipino Chinese Tycoon, the owner of  biggest mall in Asia and to name a few.

What do these people have in common? They all have an ambition and hunger for success. Each of them starts from scratch. Their success on business does not made overnight. It takes years after years of toiling and doing boring task that most of us don’t like to experience.

So you want to be on those exclusive few following their foot step? Right Now, yes I mean NOW start rolling up those sleeves and do your work to whatever your niche is. Expect to experience more hardships but the reward is worthy and immense that you could ever imagine.

And these are some of the ways to become millionaire. Easy to say but it’s hard to do.  You may react that I include one illegal method. But who am I to control the mind of individual. This writer just enumerated lists of methods and its various outcomes it created on this modern world.  It’s up to us, our own conscience, our choice and our will power to choose the path that you intended to contribute the world either you produce negative or positive impact to people.



“Where globalization means, as it so often does, that the rich and powerful now have new means to further enrich and empower themselves at the cost of the poorer and weaker, we have a responsibility to protest in the name of universal freedom.”

                                                                                                                            Nelson Mandela


We cannot deny the fact that this 21st century were witnessing a lot of progress. A breakthrough from technology, medicine, economy, down to field of politics and many more. Our respected scholars, visionaries and scientist push hard on their own field, all of them have same vision: to improve life of humanity.

Truly our humanity’s way of living has improved. The ease of life has achieved; backbreaking task or job has diminished due to this sophisticated system we’ve made, everything is instant and freedom that we can do anything what we want has already been attained.

I always believe that these achievements benefits the whole people of the world. Gee, I’m wrong, very wrong. Standing alongside success implicates negative impact especially on economic aspect. There is growing inequality among the people…rich getting richer and poor gets poorer. This results on huge disparities in the distribution of wealth and income.


1.)  1% of total population owns half of world’s wealth.

2.)  Most of this wealth owned by developing countries.

3.)  The US of A is more unequal than most of its developed-world partners.

4.)  The inequality of wealth is even greater than income inequality.

5.)  Inequality has been rising for three decades.

6.)  Large concentration of poorest of the poor is found in Asia and Africa.


And why is it there’s large gap between rich and poor!??

1.) Extensive Monopoly

Ultra rich group extensively control various businesses. Majority of commodity owned and controlled by this elite group.


They can dictate the price of goods, transportation and other type of commodities. In other words common people, including you is at their mercy.

2.) Huge number of illiteracy

Lack of education from early years resulting to lack of skills and technical know-how. Added by this problem is the lack of support and initiative by Government to implement affordable and standard educational system to people.


Without these essential skills badly needed on this modern world, individual will forced to find menial job just to feed his family three times a day. Every citizen is affected by rising purchasing power of goods and services, their option are to lend money from rich. Idiomatically the poor ones are buried from debt after debt and there’s no way out from this misery. Again, we are at mercy at the hand of the rich.

3.)  Greed

Do I have to explain in detail on this aspect? Consider as one of the seven capital sins. From ancient time the greediness of people have played part of countless sufferings and pain of majority. An excessive desire of single person implicates hardships of majority. This modern day, some elite businessman anchored in them the insatiable thirst of desire to accumulate more money by utilizing the poor one. A real predator indeed.


Long term slave labor of poor from the rich.  Those unfortunate one must make  firm decision on himself/herself to make drastic change for  better good if he want to get out of this destitute life. Willpower to change for  better life is the best option. Yeah, it is very hard but it can be attained.

4.) Gross Injustice on Taxation

Again the poor one is at the mercy of elite people. Our justices who formulate laws on Tax Code enforced its citizen to abide by rules. This is where main flaw start. This so-called “politician” made this rule in favor for them.  Each of these individual elite has various assets such as business establishments, real estate, banking and many more. Their main aim before the execution of this law is to charge them less by the government. While us, the hapless individual are taxed more and more even we have less asset.


Expect to it that this Taxation System will continue to suck the blood of poor ones. This injustice, this burden carried at back of ordinary citizen will linger for a period of time… unless someone who will stand on their ground, willing to make a change for the sake of humanity and has willpower to revise this nefarious Tax Law.


Now it is up to us to make  stand and unite for a better cause. Let us start on ourselves on the way we think and act. Make it a habit to pray to God, some people out there don’t believe in Him…nothing will lost in you  if you just pray to God, just do it. Pray for the divine intervention, pray that God will bend this sinful Laws of Man and will be replaced by His honorable and fair Laws.










An ordinary individual will always ask themselves and others guessed that it is a freak of nature or some divine intervention had done it. Some would say those filthy rich are doing some illegal businesses, (maybe selling some “shabu” or other type of illegal drugs) and others will suggest that they acquired from inheritance or that pretty young chick married that old rich and dirty man. Due to these kinds of belief, it creates a huge misconception towards upper class level of society.

Majority of us, ordinary classes have failed to grasp understanding to what really make them successful. Yeah it’s a fact that some filthy rich are doing it in an illegal way. But most of them achieved their humongous assets in legal and proper way through persistence and determination. Hey, let’s paused for a moment, we hardly recognized that ordinary individuals have some common traits too. These traits that will keep them in shackle and remain poor forever, if ignored.


1.Mañana Habit– Instead of doing some things needed to be done this present time, he  or she set aside those activity and decided to do those job for the following day. Other term on this habit is also known as “procrastination”. We can see this kind of trait to individual regardless of their status. A sheer discipline is required to eliminate this attitude.

-Rich people mindset

They focus on thing of utmost important and act immediately on that moment. Their attention on particular job is like a laser beam that penetrates no matter what type of hurdles they faced.

Least important task is set aside; they can go back at it after they’re done. These guys are dead serious, they don’t like to be distracted nor having some chit-chat to others a big no. Each of them is hell-bent to accomplish the task.

2. LAZY– They are afraid of doing some backbreaking job. You can also see this kind of people being a couch potato watching their favorite programs all the time, unmindful of having sedentary lifestyle (let’s just hope diabetes won’t catch them). Willpower is not in their vocabulary.

-Rich people mindset

They wake up very early in the morning and start their job right away. Resting in bed is a last thing on their mind.  Mental and physical aspects are optimized to maximum level. Some ignore discomfort, for them they treat it as distraction.


A risk averse individual. They analyze the situation for a whole time and linger on it, the result is analysis paralysis. Afraid on their mistakes, all they want is perfection. I do not fully blame them, our educational system has also contributed to this misconceived idea. During our school years, our teacher taught us that perfection should be on our mind. Believe me, in a real world it’s a different story.

-Rich people mindset

These groups are certified risk takers. They are not afraid to commit mistakes no matter what it takes as long as they will achieve their desired results. Due to these ups and downs that they experienced, it gives them important lessons and comes up with good solution to fix their mistakes. Truly I believed on learned people sayings, “experience is the best teacher.”

4.  Lack of Self-Confidence

How will people trust you, if you yourself don’t believe on it? A person with low self-confidence is uncertain on what his doing; these uncertainties won’t bring you to top. This trait will certainly affect your goals to climb, your career, social relationship and worse you may lose faith with God.

-Rich People mindset

This group has overflow of trust. You can easily observed them by the way they talk (firm and with authority), their body posture (straight not slouch) and when they talk, he or she look at you comfortably. Majority of rich individual has inculcated deep in their mind the importance of confidence. They are proud on the work that they do because they believe that their task brings result according to desired intention. Excellent result on work means more fans and clients, and then money follows through.


Uncontrollable purchase of different items from mall or shops even it’s non-essential to them. They use credit card to purchase items whose price tags are mind-blowing. Some buys luxury items for  main reason to boast with his or her friends. These are some of trademark of habitual spender. As an average guy myself, I am not against those type of people but this are just some of my observation that even you can notice  this type of people  whose habits will lead them to downfall.

Purchasing items is not bad at all as long as you can afford it. Buy whatever you want as long as your income exceeds than those of your expenses. Let’s open up our mind, most of us are average guy and for all I know we are employee group. Majority are living on hand to mouth existence. Our meager salary barely supports us, enough to keep us alive on next day. Be resourceful and find secondary income or more to keep you financially stable.

-Rich People Mindset

Ironically most people who are wealthy are money conscious. As evidence from Chinese community, they rarely spend their money if it’s not essential. They learned from past experiences the pros and cons on money spending. People who are wealthy are avid on tracking and budgeting their expenses. It is unacceptable for them if there expenses exceeds than their income.

Rich people believe that if it has no use to them on purchasing those items. Then “don’t buy it”… Make sense to me.

There you go my friends are lists of some major traits that I observed and there other more traits which I exclude because it is too long and I’m planning to make a book relevant on this topic so watch out for following month. It is up to us to choose which path to travel. God has given us free will and mind to use it. You can only choose between two roads and no other option in the middle. So choose wisely.

“You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace.”
― Frank McCourt, Angela’s Ashes





We cannot hide the facts that money matter is essential to everyone. It’s one of the aspects that our basic needs and wants as well our desired standard way of living will sustain us through many years if and only if we utilize our money wisely. Use money carelessly, and you will be awaken and realized that you are in a road to perdition, from this situation it’s very hard to escape from this gargantuan monster called “debt”. There is still hope to save you from this misery; here are common sense and practical steps based on my experience. Trust me, this steps are easy to follow, I made it concise and brief, easy to understand even younger one.


They say bad habit is hard to break, truly it is. Smoking one stick a day, let’s say for twenty years (assuming your still alive), may not just put a hole in your` pocket but terrifying diseases await you. You don’t want to be a burden from your family when that time comes, do you?


Having a credit card is not bad. It depends to the holder on how he/she uses it. Some people use it for bragging others about social status. Too much credit card is a recipe for temptation to buy more wants rather than needs. Pay the outstanding balance within a month to avoid piling up interest. (for your information, credit card interest rate is among the highest, has an average of 45% annual interest rate or more. If you will not pay the outstanding balance for six months or less, debt will grasp you toward the abyss.


Individual usually ignores the importance of saving electricity in their homes. We do not realize that having awareness on conserving electricity may save us more money and reduce debt. Switching off lights and unplugging all appliances when not in use are some of the basics, yet we still forget even the adults the importance on it. (Note: if you ignore this particular step, not just debt will hit you; fire accident may poke you as well and hit you much worse. Let just hope that the latter one will not happen to you.


Going to the mall often is not bad at all on my side. But going to the mall with uncontrollable spending habits and mental discipline is not your habit is a sure way for a recipe to catastrophe. Do not be tempted by those brand new and shiny gadget or those luxury brands. You know it’s not bad to purchase this expensive item if you have a budget and you reflect to yourself that you essentially needed it.


Some of you may think I’m a vegetarian guy.nope. nope, far from it. I could even it eat a whole piece of fried chicken and lot of junk foods. What I’m trying to convey here is make it a habit to have healthy foods in your table. From my experience I am meat lover before, but soon you will going to realize that high cholesterol level in your body happily residing at your system resulting to high blood pressure, mild stroke or worse cancer. I am not scaring you, but this is a sad facts. Moderation is the main key here to slowly adjust and balanced your diet.


Many of you may oppose on my suggestion. Yeah I know some of you may say our phone line is for official use. How many cellphone do you have in your disposal now? I noticed some people have two to three cellphones. Asked yourself, why you need to have many phones when having only one phone can do the job. Owning one phone can save you from monthly billing.


When you found out that your neighbor bought gas guzzling SUV, then following day you go to the car dealer and bought the same thing, this cost you could barely feed  your family. Then another day new purchases from your wealthy neighbor, upon watching them their lifestyle, envy will consume you. Man, this very taxing on your side and probably you will have big hole in your pocket due to mountain of DEBT. Avoid this mentality at all cost. Having contentment in your life is very important to individual.


By doing this you are not only saving Mother Nature against global warming but you are saving a lot here too. Considering high price of oil per drum on international market, consumers are badly affected here. You will also save from maintenance on your car.


Assuming you have average salary on your current job and has six mouths to feed, you can be resourceful on finding secondary income. Your skill in cooking why not give it a try to open simple store, do online business or if you are` good writer like me (kidding) why not write a book and introduce it to dozens of publishers, who knows you could be the next J.K Rowling. We have an endless possibility if you just ACT right now.


Though this step is similar to some previous steps but has slight difference. Your attachment of materials here on earth create negative impact on your finance. Your affection on these mundane things on earth will plunged you towards the sea of never-ending misery.

“Debts are nowadays like children begot with pleasure, but brought forth in pain.”


All of us are given 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is up to us on what we do next on our life. We have our own choices, use it wisely. Those simple and practical steps will aid you toward right path. So act now!!!

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